Tuesday, July 12, 2005


們是泛非文化樂團 Pan-Africana Cultural Troupe,一個有7位從西非以及加勒比海來的鼓手、歌手、以及舞者組成的表演團體,我們運用傳統的非洲樂器,演奏出最原汁原味的非洲民謠以及歌曲,配合非洲舞蹈,帶給觀眾最不同的非洲感官饗宴. Pan African Cultural Troupe is a group of professional drummers and dancers of African ancestry who have come together to share all that is ‘African’ with the people of Asia, Taiwan in particular. We have been performing at festivals, business functions, clubs, schools, etc, since 2002. Pan Africana Cultural Troupe consists of about 7 members who have been drumming, dancing for many years. The members of Pan Africana Cultural Troupe are from different countries, e.g. Ghana, South Africa, Dominica, Saint Vincent’s, Cameroon, etc. The Pan Africana plays a lively drum-based musical selection of African songs and their wicked rhythm and dance troupe assault your senses with their traditional and intoxicated beats that keep you begging for more. As a result of years of combined professional experience, they saw a critical need for increased social awareness and knowledge of African and Caribbean culture in Taiwan, (AFRO-CARIBBEAN CONNECTION). In 2002 they formed the Pan Africana in order to collaborate with number of Asian community organization on cultural events; Pan Africana Cultural Troupe seeks to preserve the myriad traditional dance, music and customs of all African countries and the Diaspora through performances, African fashion shows and educational workshop. We also teach African dance and drumming, participate in talks, exhibit cloth and crafts which depicts the general domestic and social life in Africa.


"Ben-Gee" Executive Director

E-mail: panafricana@buffalo.com

Website: http://www.panafricana.blogspot.com/